Thursday, December 11, 2008

Migration transfer to be implemented only after approval of the Apex Bodies concerned

It is essential to produce NOC for Migration transfer obtained from both the transferring and transferee colleges to RGUHS. With a suitable recommendations the applications of candidates are referred to the Apex Bodies concerned for approval.

It is observed that the students who have applied for Migration transfer are attending the classes/practicals/clinicals in to be transferred college before the approval of such transfers by Apex Bodies. It is also observed that in most of the cases the Apex Bodies are not approving the Migration transfer which has caused hardship to the University in deciding the eligibility of the candidate to appear for University examinations because of shortage of attendance, conduct of Internal Assessment test by the college etc.

To avoid hardship to the students, colleges and University, it is informed that the students shall not be transferred/admitted from one college to another without the approval of the Apex Body (Medical Council of India for MBBS course and Dental Council of India for Dental course).

The Principals of the colleges are held responsible for any omission/commission in this regard.

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