Friday, January 30, 2009


1. The candidates shall be present at the centre 60 minutes before the commencement of the test.

2. No candidate is permitted to enter the examination hall after 10 AM

3. Only the candidates who possess the Hall Ticket shall be allowed to enter the Entrance Test Center. In case of loss of Hall Ticket the candidates should contact the Chief Superintendent of the centre two hours earlier for assistance.

4. No Candidate shall copy from the paper of any other candidate or permit his / her own papers to be copied or attempt to give or seek any illegal assistance.

5. No candidate will be allowed to leave the examination hall before the end of the first thirty minutes. Candidates leaving the hall prior to the end of the Entrance Test, will have to hand over the question paper and OMR sheet to room invigilator and collect the same at the end of the test.

6. No candidate should leave the room without handling over his / her OMR sheet.

7. Candidate should sign the attendance sheet as per the instructions of the invigilator

8. Silence must be observed in the examination hall. Any candidate guilty of disorderly or improper conduct will be liable for expulsion from the examination hall and will be debarred from the Entrance test by the Chief Superintendent of the centre.

9. Candidates are not permitted to carry any Electronic gadgets like Pager, Cell Phone blue tooth etc., into the examination hall.

10. Candidate should read the instruction given in the OMR Sheet and question booklet and after which start filling the ovals. Even a minute, inadvertent touch or drop of ink on other oval makes the answer invalid. Think before ink.

11. Candidates defacing the OMR sheet or erasing the marked oval by eraser/blade/any sharp object are liable for disqualification. Usage of white ink is prohibited.

12. The OMR sheet is the answer sheet. It comprises of two sheets. The top sheet marked as UNIVERSITY COPY which is in red colour is meant to be optically scanned for valuation. The second sheet marked as CANDIDATE COPY which is in green colour is meant to be carried home by the candidate after the examination.

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