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1.      All Challenge Valuation (CV) applications hereafter have to be uploaded online by the colleges concerned.
2.      Students are advised to follow the guidelines properly before applying for the challenge valuation. Students are advised to decide regarding the subjects for challenge valuation before applying.
3.      Students have to apply for challenge valuation only through their college.  Students strictly directed not to approach university for CV application.
4.      Students are advised to apply well before the last date prescribed for each scheme and year (10days from the date of announcement of result).
5.      All students desiring to apply for challenge valuation, wherever present have to download the CV applications from the university website at and have to submit/ forward their filled in application to the principal of their college along with the fees payable for the same.
                     Fees to be paid for Challenge Valuation
v     For UG courses: Rs5000/- per subject
Example :
1.  Anatomy paper-I
Rs. 5000
     Anatomy paper-II
2.  Physiology paper-I 
Rs. 5000
                                     (Even for one paper of the subject the fee is Rs 5000)
v     For PG courses: Rs. 2500/- per paper:
Example :
Paper – I
Rs. 10,000
(Rs. 2500/- per paper)
MD Anaesthesia
Paper – II
Paper – III
Paper – IV
6.      Students after submitting the applications have to confirm whether their CV application has been uploaded on the university website from the college.
7.      Students are advised to contact their college office for the status of challenge valuation and not to contact the University directly for any enquiries related to challenge valuation.
8.      The challenge valuation results once ready will be announced on the website and the result sheets and the marks cards would be sent to the concerned colleges.
9.      Refund of Challenge valuation amount would be sent to the concerned colleges. Students successfully passing the exam may contact their college office for refund of their amount paid for the challenge valuation.

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